We specialise in older dogs (one our own dogs lived till 20 years old). Seniors are welcome!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Tiny Timmy.
Timmy the Quiet.
Timmy The Invisible (what a superhero name!)

Well that was Timmy's first impression when he stayed over. Sooo sooo silent. Not a peep, not a whine, not a yip. We were told he was a picky eater. Not so!

See me eat! He holds out for treats (very clever).

Soon as you can see he wiggled his tiny self into the comfort zone - sleeping on our bed! Then he got attacted to us quite a bit and would cry when we left the house. Oh boy... seems like we created a little monster in less than 3 days!

So we put back the rules (sleeping in the common areas) and soon he was a good little boy once again! Ever the angel, he will do his little spin when he's happy to see us.


He loves the girls - as in the female 4 legged friends. Roty is a lovable JRT that can really jump! (He leaped over the fencing that we have). Here he is seeking cuddles ;)

Friday, December 22, 2006


Makes me happy to see you happy!

This beautiful Golden Retriever was challenging to say the least. TERRIFIED of thunder and the slight hint of rain... ooo boy. But i am so proud to say that she has improved by leaps and bounds! We now go for walks and outings without a hint of shaking legs :D

Calm and content at the Dog Park

Good job Goldie!


Having a ball of a time at the Dog Park!

3... 2... 1... and she's off! This bundle of energy took off once she arrived at our place and basically didn't settle down till the next day. We got tired just looking at her. But she's such sweetheart. Dylan LOVED the Dog Park: she was like a little tornado, nevermind all the puddles and mud pools. After all that, she rested and made her fall in love with her even more.

The many faces of Dylan :)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sunshine After the Rain

And it's time to RUN! For the dogs, it's been miserable being cooped up indoors. So we (rather, i) braved the remaining puddles and subsequent mud to give them their time of freedom.

Phoebe, Dylan and Goldie

We found the best spot!

You can't really see from the pictures, but they did find EVERY possible pool of water. Needless to say it was a major shower session for all by the time this was over...

But it was great to see them have so much fun :D

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Pets Channel Xmas Gathering @ Sentosa

Singapore Pets Channel has been monumental in spreading the word about MIBO's Pet Day Care. Hence, i usually join them when a gathering is organised. This year's Christmas bash was at Sentosa's Tanjong Beach. Although the skies opened up pretty much most of the day, we still had so much fun!
      Hope to see more members and their doggies next time!

Phoebe and me (with the silliest grin ever!)

Monday, December 18, 2006

Rainy Days

Gosh, the weather has been so bad the past few days.
Paws in puddles.
Moody dogs in raincoats.
Soggy coats.
Swaddled dog walker with jacket, cap, waterproof shoes AND umbrella.
It's really quite a sight.

Stay dry everyone!



Definition: Good Boy. Baileys is a role model - like the straight A student in school and teacher's pet? Yup that's him alright. Never one to complain, this sweetie pie looks on endearingly with huge lovely eyes.

But this boy can run too! I almost could not believe my eyes while at the Dog Park as he zoomed past everyone.

Our doors are always open for you to stay over again Baileys :)

Mr Sunshine

Lazing by the door

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


His name always brings a laugh :D Here is a calm easygoing boy that's just content with life. Hey it's good: He gets his walks, food, toilet breaks and park outings too! What's not to love?

At the Dog Park checking out this tree...

...and this one...

... and this one too! (that's Phoebe at the back)

Surveying the grounds.

Getting checked out by the others.

What's over there? ANOTHER tree!

Sorry... just had to squeeze this in.

Monday, December 11, 2006


Sleepy Scruffy

Observing the Dog Park (p/s: there's no one!)

Don't let his oh-so-adorable look fool you! This one is a mini fireball. Scruffy is 4 months old and he thinks he knows it all (don't they?). His fiesty nature produces the funniest moments ever: Leaf? (bark) Shadow? (bark) Strange-object-in-the-corner? (bark)... you get the picture. But he's super smart and a quick learner. He's fast to pick up the tricks of puppyhood. How to win, lose (Noooo!) and have a great time. This young fella had a blast with us for 4 days and i look forward to witnessing him growing up. Full of surprises for sure!

Playing with Phoebe at the Dog Park

How not to love me???

Monday, December 04, 2006


Junior is cute as well as curious - he's never seen another dog till now. And in the form of Phoebe, it can be intimidating! He still tries to make efforts to play with the 4-legged variety. But he can be quite shy, choosing to hide under the table and play by himself with the many toys that we have. Quite a learning experience for his 5 days stay with us!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

MIBO Motto

"Only Because It Matters"

Because it does, doesn't it?
We feel it matters alot to you, as the owner, to provide the best for your companion.

Why? (refer to motto)

* Initials are O.B.I.M - which is the flip of MIBO. Clever huh?

Contact MIBO

Here's how you can reach us:

Send us an instant message via Telegram

Email: themilkbone@gmail.com

For Boarding and DayCare, do include the following so that we can attend to you better:
  • Breed of Pet
  • Age/Sex/Sterilised?
    (all dogs above 7 months ARE RECOMMENDED to be sterilised)
  • AVA License Number and Registered Owner's ID (NRIC/FIN/Passport)
    (must be provided - we do not accept dogs without the above information)
  • Dates required for services
  • Personality and unique characteristics of your pets
  • Any special needs/requests
  • Tell us why your dog should stay at MIBO :)
All enquiries are welcome!

MIBO Location

We are located in the suburban North of Singapore!

Parking is available in the multi-storey carpark located nearby.

*Note: The actual address is not stated here as we are still a residence and do not welcome unannounced visits. Viewing is strictly by appointment only.

Please contact us to schedule a viewing appointment.

MIBO History

How did MIBO come about?

MIBO (short for Milk Bone Pet Day Care) started out as an online store selling pet apparels and carriers in 2005. We have quickly refocused to cater to what we love best - the dogs themselves!

Our resident dog also came to us when we first started the store, but we soon discovered that she could not be left alone for even a moment... can you say destroyed shoe cabinet and other accessories?! She's much better now (thank goodness!). But we thought, if we were the ones always being held "hostage" by their dog, surely there are others like us who desperately needed help too! So we started to extend our daycare to people we knew. Hey if I had to be at home with her all day, might as well get some 4-legged friends to join in!

And there you have it! :)

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Who is MIBO?

Who are the ones behind MIBO?
Meet them here!

> Phoebe - MIBO PR Representative
She's a loud goofball that's very sweet and great with all dogs.

The 3 amigos: Ratatouille (passed away), Seffi & Ari
Playful and endearing, they will come right up to you to say hello!

Yzma: Shes a little queer. And can be a bully, so watch out!

Mambo: A love bug! Mambo makes a good babysitter for young kittens and cats :)

Zohan: He's just a foodie, PERIOD.

Beta & Bingo

How do you not fall in love with these sisters? One look and it was awww.... Beta is a maltese cross and the cutest thing in white. Cuz she's 5 months old only, she's still learning everything around her. You can see her observing and trying to work out how to do certain things - like play with Phoebe! Bingo is a miniature schnauzer that bear an uncanny resemblence to Bubbles, my family related schnauzer. A very happy character. Even though it was a short one day stay, both were a joy to have around; you're welcome back anytime! ;)

Friday, December 01, 2006


Need wheels for your dog? We'll be glad to assist!

$40 (one way); $70 (two way return)

*We apologise that we can only provide transport services during off peak hours. Peak hours are: Mornings to 10am and between 5pm to 7pm
Transport to Changi Airport (all terminals) for pets travelling as excess baggage.
Charges: $100 onwards

Park & Swim Adventures

To Sentosa:
Splish Splash, i wasn't taking a bath! Yup it's the sun, sand and sea for your dog! They will have an hour digging up the sand at Sentosa's Tanjong Beach.

This is a one-on-one swim exercise - we physically swim with your dog in the sea from shore to shore. It's less ball throwing, more movement in the water. Great for physical therapy if you dog has hip dysplasia or a spinal condition that will benefit from this form of exercise while having a good time.

Charges: $150 (inclusive of transportation to/from the beach and entry/parking at Sentosa)
*does not include transport to/from your groomer or groomer's fees

Here are pictures from some of our Swim Adventures!
Also see videos.

Run in the Sun & Splash in the Sun
(*during your dog's stay with us)
This takes place in an enclosed dog run and access to the beach!

A few times a week, in the late mornings and/or late afternoons, we take selected doggies to have a good stretch and run around to their hearts content. We bring toys and let them socialise with play time in the outdoors. Fresh air and sunshine always makes a dog happy!

And what if your dog is a water pooch? You can also opt for swim sessions at the beach. Even if you think your dog can't swim, we will be there to guide him with encouragement to ensure that he has a safe and fun time. Your dog's like a duck? He can have his own aqua session and kick away!

Run in the Sun: $40
Splash in the Sun (which will come naturally with Run in the Sun)$70
Rates are on a per outing basis and include a post activity shower.

Sleepovers (Pet & House Sitting)

Includes Pet and House Sitting: We will spend the night at your place with your pets (all types excluding cats) and look after your property while you are away.

The single most compelling reason for engaging the services of a live-in pet/house sitter rather than letting your house fend for itself (and your pets pine for you while home alone) is the enormous cost of outside care for your animals. Even for one dog, over the period of 2 weeks, you could be looking at a cost of $300++! If you have 2 or more pets, costs could easily escalate. (*someone mentioned that their dog's boarding costs more than their air ticket!)

If you are considering boarding your animals for any length of time, do know that it can place a huge strain on their physical and emotional health. This is especially so if your dog has not been boarded before or have medical conditions that could be aggravated by a change of environment.

A pet/house sitter can go a long way toward meeting your pet's needs, providing companionship and love as well as keeping them fed, exercised, safe and healthy. It will keep them in their familar environment, with the comforts of home and reduce unecessary stresses of boarding. If your animals are used to sleeping with you, you can even ask us if they we would mind letting them in bed for a cuddle (we won't mind!)

Services We Offer:
LOTS of tender loving care!
Provide food & water for your pets
Administer oral medications or vitamins
Clean potty, papers or litter bedding
Daily brushing and walks (for dogs)
Keep a journal of pet behavior and eating habits
Send e-mail updates
General tidy of home environment
Water plants
Take in mail & newspapers
Take out/clear trash

Charges: From $100 per night
Email us to find out more!

Dog Boarding @ MIBO

Your dog will have a holiday with us while you are away. They will be able to interact with other friends and have personal care and attention.

Choose this: if you are going for a holiday and your pet is used to having someone in the house. Also optional if you have to take care of family members (4-legged or otherwise) or move house and would like to ensure that your pet gets its share of love and care.

Charges: $50 to $60 per day
Rates include food and all walks during their stay - great value for your dollar!

See also:
Is my dog suitable for boarding at MIBO?
Value Added Services
See our Take on Ticks
Are there other options other than Boarding @ MIBO?
Where is MIBO's location?
Have a look at our Cancellation/Refund Policies

What's so special about Boarding @ MIBO?

We live here - we eat, sleep, watch television, etc. The same things you do at home! So your dog will have a similar environment. No cages. In fact they will find their own place to sleep and rest at the end of the day.

Best part is the human and canine interaction. We are there for them come night or day. And they have buddies in the form of other 4-legged friends!

And rest assured that it will not be overflowing with dogs... More love, attention and cuddles for all :)

VIP Lounge can be booked for exclusive use! Email themilkbone@gmail.com to find out more!

Please note the following for Boarding @ MIBO:
  1. All dogs MUST be licensed according to AVA regulations.
  2. All dogs above the age of 7 months ARE RECOMMENDED to be neutered or spayed. Limited places are available for non sterilised dogs in the MIBO facility.
    *MIBO gives priority to sterilised dogs for check-in. Non sterilised dogs incur a different rate than what is stated on this blogsite. MIBO PDC's decision to accept or decline such dogs is final. See here.
  3. Check in is anytime before 6pm. Check out is before 8pm. Rates stated are on a per calender day basis. (eg. 6th Aug to 12th Aug is 7 days, regardless of check in or check out time)
  4. Food is provided. 
  5. For the prevention against Fleas & Ticks, please see Our Take on Ticks.
  6. Vaccinations have to be up-to-date. Appropriate documents will be verified before admission to MIBO.
  7. Full payment is required on/before the start of service.

Pet Sitting / Pet Visits / Home Care

For Dogs:
Give your dog some companionship during the day. We will come by (likely morning / evening) to your place to perform all the necessary duties for your dog’s comfort for the day: play, feed, change the paper, pick up poo, brush them through, switch on the lights, airconditioning, etc. Almost anything related to your dog!

Choose this: if you are away for a long part of the day, but will eventually return for the night and would like to keep your dog in his familiar environment (Example, long hours at work, extra shifts, attending an all day wedding event).

Charges: from $30 per visit

For Cats:
Visits ensure a clean litter box, fresh water change, feeding of dry and/or wet food for your pampered felines, playtime and long conversations with them while we move around your house! Longer assignments usually include general housecleaning, vacuuming, changing out the cat litter, brush and groom (if allowed by your cat(s) :P ), and anything else that you think will keep them happy.

Charges: from $30 per visit

Home Care:
For your pets that require extra love post surgery. If they need to pee/poo more often than usual, dressing changes, medications administered during the day, we are there for them. Sometimes it just helps to know that they have someone to look for when they are in recovery.

Charges: $15/hour (minimum 2 hours)

Doggie Playdate

Super fun! Great for dogs of all ages and breeds. Recommended for puppies and dog who are forever young at heart. Meet new friends and say hello to old buddies. We can bring friends to come by and play with your dog. Or you can come by to our place for a rolling good time (pun intended).

Charges: $20 to $35 for an hour

Welcome to MIBO

Thank you for coming by! On this introduction page, you'll find all you need to know about us...

What do we do?
We are dedicated to busy owners: Rest assured that your loved ones will be well cared for. Reduces pet's anxiety, boredom and subsequent destructive behaviours.

Services provided:
  • Pet Sitting
  • DayCare @ MIBO
  • Dog & Cat Boarding @ MIBO
    *including Long Term Boarding
  • Sleepovers at your place
  • Park Adventures to dog runs
  • Swim Adventures to the beach
  • Transportation (one way and return trips)
See details of each service by clicking on the side bar >>>
All enquiries are welcome - contact us for more information.
Also check out the following:

Why Board at MIBO?

- Cage-free environment with separate areas for different personalities and temperaments.
- There's always someone at home.
- Dogs are able to potty indoors or outdoors, with no restrictions or penalties
- Rates quoted are by general breed size, not weight. So there's no worry if you have a slightly more indulgent cocker spaniel. He/She is still a cocker spaniel in our eyes :)
- Rates quoted are all inclusive with no charges for the following:

> Daily walks
> Food and all bowls provided. Complimentary preparation for Home Cooked Food. BARF diets welcome.
> Administration of medications or applications of topical preparations.
> Treatment spray for fleas and ticks with Accurate when checking in.
> Baths before checking out.
> No holiday surcharges, except across Chinese New Year.
> SMS or email updates when requested