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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Year of the Rat! (squeak squeak)

Happy Lunar New Year to everyone!
We had a great time with our 4-legged guests over the holidays :D
Here they are:

Xabibi!! We LOVE Xabi :)
This picture of him is so funny and oh so cute. Yes i have food in my hand... and check out Miss Pathetic in the background (that's Lady!).

This is Lady "playing". She doesn't know how to play, so for Xabi to get this close to her with out her worrying and getting stressed is a very good sign!

This is Mika - an 8 month old Shih Tzu puppy.

Don't let that sad face fool you! He's a puppy after all :P After spending the first day and a half being shy and hiding under the dining table chair, he can be a crazy one.

He does speeding runs, sending the newspapers flying all over the place! And he plays with his chew stick like it was a prey, stalking and pouncing on it :)

And this is Mika's partner in mischief: Niyma. This is Cherry's new little bro at 3 months old only. Again, like Mika, this picture does not capture the little tyrant that he can be!

He may be small, but he's the king of the world! He will play with all sizes of dogs, even Phoebe, without any fear. Fear? Pfft. Little rascal.

Ahh Princess Goldie. Such a good girl this time. She was very gracious to allow the smaller ones to zip by her all day. But she still gets her one-to-one time. This is a fitting example, she plonked herself infront of the camera: "Take my picture!"

Cookie! Everyone thought that she would be alot to handle... goes to show how they always have surprises in store. In fact, she was easy to managed and well behaved.

All the dogs especially likes Cookie during mealtimes - she on a BARF diet. So everyone wants a piece too :S But she had a great playmate in the form of...

Scout! She's a Schnoodle and very playful. Quite an earful at times (take the vocals of a Schnauzer and a Poodle...whoa!), but well behaved otherwise.

This is the classic "I'm innocent" shot :P

And here with Scout is Ziggy. Ziggy is THE best reason to do spring cleaning. Why? He's a Food Monster! Gosh this English Cocker Spaniel will eat anything he can get his paws on.

Fallen victims: Peanut butter toast and a container (with kibbles - thankfully, no harm was caused to the kibbles, phew).

He has the sweetest look, but watch out when he goes into hiding! This dog likes his privacy when he needs it.

Everyone who came got an "Ang Bao" from all of us: Gong Xi Fa Cai! I figured that they won't care much for money - but jerky treats are always a hit!

Lady: I'm so glad they are all gone.
Silly girl!

Friday, February 01, 2008


It's fun when you meet another breed of dog that's hard to come by. Prince is a Cairn Terrier... much like Dylan! Similarities include:

Haha, classic "I'm so innocent" look!

Really! I didn't do it! And i know you lurrrrve me??

Oh and another rare moment for Prince... he stops.
Otherwise he's all over the place, toy in mouth, jumping on furniture, following you around... not exactly the easiest situation to capture pictures. Stopping is good for snapshots :P

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