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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sydney & Georgie

Ooolala! This is very Sydney (and Georgie too!)... they love to be in your face and know what you're up to, follow you around. Can you say Velcro dogs?

But can you see how they make us laugh? :D Georgie is a happy-go-lucky kid and his simple minded-ness is refreshing. This former street dog ain't too bright - but that's what makes him a gem around other dogs and people too!
"Just in case I forget where I put you - I'll just hold on to you."

They are the best of buds - this is them at play :)

Sydney is a mishmash of breeds, which contributes to her 100% personality. Phoebe shall always remember her! (haha... private joke!)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


There's a Basset in the house! How could you even miss him? He's a big boy and just an adolescent too.

Boris loves to play with dogs and people, but the front of him starts moving and the rest of him tries to catch up! It's an amusing sight to see :D

"Look Ma, no mop needed!"

(in collaboration with Dog Walkies)
He does have an on/off switch... he'll go go go full speed and then just collapse in a big sigh. Yes Boris, it's hard to be you :P

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Meet Knuckles - short for Knucklehead :) What a name - you can tell right-away that this cat is no nonsense! The first day revolved around ME moving around HIM... CAREFULLY.

He's not the most hospitable - even his owner said so. No worries we don't take it to heart. Just watch the paw!

But before you knew it - he was out and about. Guess he's just curious about this person coming in and moving all over the place. "What is she up to in my kingdom??!!"

Knuckles will watch you from a distance. So close but still so far. If you ignore him, there is a good chance that he'll rub up against you - bonus!

"I'm watching you... watching me..."

Did i mention he likes to hang out in the bathroom - quite a funny cat he is!

"Some privacy please! Geeeze..."

"This is MY kingdom and don't you forget it!"

Aww... missing you already Knuckles :D

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Meet Molly! She's a shy Cockerpoo gal who spent the first few days under the ______ (fill in the blanks sofa/bench/van/drawers) :D

But she isn't always like that - she's just more selective about the friends that she says hello to! (which isn't too bad a behaviour if you ask me!) Check out all the comical faces she can churn out! What a photogenic pup!

Hope we get to see you some time soon Molly!


Yugo always makes us happy in his little crazy ways... age does not really slow this boy down much. But that is what makes him so fun to have around! Great to see you again Yugo-san! :D

"siiiigggghhhhh... when is the postman coming??"

"Ooo Ooo, I think I can hear his motorcycle!!"

Thursday, September 09, 2010


Hello to Mongo - he's spirited 9 month old Bull Terrier :)

"I'm in a ZEN mood..."

His "best-friend" at MIBO is Phoebe > mostly because she is the (only) one that can put up with his rough play and is not afraid to tell him off! Ah, buddies in the making.

(in collaboration with Dog Walkies)
He is built like a tank, so you have been warned to stay out of his way when he comes barrelling past! You may have to sacrifice a couple of toes and bring home some bruises :P

Monday, September 06, 2010

Cookie (& Milko)

The brothers are back! Milko is behaving the same... really. His picture would have been exactly like before. So we turn our attention to Cookie... which is who you see here :)

He's stiil as shy... but this time more curious than his first stay here, so he got to explore more too! (Milko would stay in the cage even with all the doors open!)

Amazingly enough, Cookie was ok with Mambo :) Which makes everyone very happy, as they can entertain each other.

Now, Cookie isn't too sure what he's supposed to do with Mambo... play? run away? hide? But he was a good cat to let Mambo climb all over him... literally!

"Stop Following Me!"

"If i hide here... HE won't see me..."

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