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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


This is George of the Urban Jungle. He's a 9 year old Norwegian Forest Cat and at first when we met he was all aloof and quiet. I didn't think I would get a great welcome with meows and "I will follow you around"s :) He's a big snuggle kitty and response well to attention given. 

Now if only he will let me brush him...  

Handsome George!

The toe-sniff test. Phew! I passed :D

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

An Unlikely Friendship

Some dogs are just not good with others. Roxy is good with all dogs. Linda, not so. So when these 2 come in, we keep them apart. But Roxy has other things in mind: 

Like hogging the sofa! But Linda is Queen (or so she thinks!) and also wants the coveted red seat. So what to do?

It's this thing called SHARE. You take that end, and I'll stay on this side. Dogs are amaze us all the time :D Good girls!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


As his name goes, Happy is as happy can be! This cutie Pomeranian has a character all of his own. His friend is Ronnie but quite different from him. Happy talks a bit, spins crazy circles, "smiles" at you and is generally a bouncy chap. 君はいい子です!

Ratatouille to Happy: "Dude, you have alot of hair!"

Monday, December 19, 2011

Jolly Holly & Seriously Angel

"Young lady, sit up straight!" But this is how Holly is. The fact that she is sitting still must be given credit for! As mentioned, she is Jolly Holly. Not too difficult for a 7 month old puppy! Everyone is a friend whom she will shower kisses on. Whether they reciprocate is a different matter altogether. But Holly keeps on trying :D

How can you not fall in love with THOSE eyes? Her mama calls them her "Love me more" eyes. Really!

Next to Holly, Angel is looking like a grouch. Nah, she's concentrating hard on the ONE kibble I'm holding behind the camera! How else am I gonna keep her still?! And this is the Beagle who has recently injured her foot and has an official MC from the vet to restrict movement. Well, no one told her!

Maybe this pix can convince the vet? Look at me - I'm STILL as can be!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mika & Shadow

Meet Mika. Like most (if not all) pugs, she thinks she's Queen of the sofa! She doesn't even care if Phoebe is lying there - we found her sleeping next to Phoebe's butt one night. It was a perfect picture shot. With no camera at hand!
And this is Shadow, Mika's sister: She's cautious, but curious at the same time. As she's only a young puppy, curiosity usually wins. Check out her blurred tail from wagging :) Moments after this, we were pounced on by Shadow.

p/s this post is waaaaaay overdue!

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