We specialise in older dogs (one our own dogs lived till 20 years old). Seniors are welcome!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Yaya, Nubi, Luna & Yuki

Most of the time for these 2, this is going on... punctuated by barks and yelps of playfulness and feet scurrying across the floor while they chase each other around! 

Nubi is one fella that cannotkeepstill! Always happy to see you and greets with a wiggle that vibrates throughout his body.

Then it will all suddenly come to a stop where they will both lie flat on the floor panting their lungs out. Crazy boys!

This is Yaya - even with one eye with poor sight, he still gives it his all. He may bump (crash) into the furniture and the walls, but it doesn't faze him at all. This Bull Terrier is one tough cookie!

Balls are Yaya's absolute favourite and he will chase them for hours! A knotted rope ball is also good for tough jaws like his :) 

This is Yuki - Miss Chilli Padi. She's all nice and loving to you, but resists being carried if she can help it!

Here she shows you her version of "Yuki-Style"! :D 

And this is Luna. No love lost between Yuki and her. They are on opposite ends of the room when we took these shots! Luna prefers to watch the world go by at the window. Probably dreaming of the birds that she's too lazy to catch!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Princess Peach & Hermione

If you're suddenly having a certain 80's video game tune in you head, you're not alone. It was playing in our heads too! This is Princess Peach - a feisty malti-poo who lacks no courage at showing anyone (dog or person) who's the boss. And she's protective of her sister: Hermione.

Or Minnie as she's called :) She's quite unlike most Chihuahuas we know. She's a little shy and takes a while to warms up to strangers. But she can be very fun and friendly once she knows you! And when the girls take to playing, watch out cuz they play hard. And yet, it's great to see these 2 gals have a good time.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Summer & Zoe

We promise to try and take better shots: this one of Summer doesn't capture her amazingly playful personality and great natured happiness.

And this is Summer's BIG sister, Zoe. She's 11 years old and pretty much snoozes all day.  

Zoe's an Italian Spinone and has the greatest patience even with the younger dogs zipping past her. 

When she's up and about, Zoe is a happy gal and makes us smile with her trot trot trot gait. We love seniors.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


"That is a lot of dog to love"

That would be our first impression. We love the Rhodesian Ridgeback! And we are so pleased to finally have one stay over :D Kanchhi very quickly and quietly worms her way into our hearts - look she even made it UPSTAIRS. That would have been a weak moment on our part!

She's just happy to be with you. Once you have her there, there is no turning back! Kanchhi starts off really shy and worries about everything really. Then she starts to get used to the daily sights and sounds  - which really bring her goofy personality right out!
The of course there is THIS LOOK. Do we need to say more?

Friday, October 05, 2012

Sophie & Kaya

This is Sophie and Kaya (right). They look so similar, it was funny cuz we would turn and call out one and realise that it was the wrong girl!
The Water-bowl Switcharoo:
See how Kaya is looking at Sophie? She looks concerned/interested in Sophie's water drinking.
Sophie drinks some more then decides to switch bowls with Kaya. Kaya looks so pleased to get this one!

In the next moment Sophie changes her mind - You can almost hear Kaya "??!!" Haha!

Sophie is older and knows how to play with the other dogs - but she's gentle too! 

Kaya is not yet one year old, so she's still learning all there is about the doggy-world :)

She so expressive!

Kaya: Just me and my friend, Sophie!

Thursday, October 04, 2012


Cosmo and the great outdoors is sometimes a tricky mix. Some days she's all ready to go-go-go. Then other days like this, she just SITS. No running, no chasing, no fetching... even with tennis balls! I know! Shocking right?

What is that? I don't think Cosmo is curious enough to check it out!

But otherwise she seems to enjoy taking it slow :)

Wednesday, October 03, 2012


*Streeeeeetch* Good morning!

Although Angel is a senior feline, you can't tell just by looking at her. If only us humans were just as lucky!

When she first came, she was a little shy (like most cats are). But once she started eating and warmed up, it was all good from then on. Her pretty eyes capture your attention!

Gorgeous :) 

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