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Monday, April 21, 2008

Bon Voyage Xabi!

We are so so so sad that Xabi's going home to the windy state of Chicago! *Sobs*
I will really miss this boy I call The Perfect Dog (if you have ear plugs once a while! :P)

I'll miss the great playtimes Phoebe and Xabi have together. Their well known tumbles are super entertaining. He's not only good with Phoebe, he's great with all dogs... and we just discovered, kittens too :)

And this is Mr I-have-no-backbone at his best. He just needs lots of love and we are more than happy to give.

Goofy? Check.
Adorable? Double Check.
Throughly heartbreaking to say goodbye to? Triple Check.

Take care Xabi, have fun back home. Send us a Chicago breeze once a while!
See here and here for more of Xabi.


So with a name like HERCULES(!), what are you expecting?
Possibly nothing like this:

Does that just make you laugh? :D He's one happy dog that's for sure!

Hercules will greet you with a super huge grin (slobber optional) and quite possibly with a toy in his mouth for you.

I think this guy was a stand up comic in his previous life... either that or he's practicing to be one!

Tug of war with The Beepers!

I'm not that funny am I? Yes you are, you silly boy!


Piko got a 2nd chance in life when her new parents took her in from the SPCA. What a lucky pup!

She's a Cocker Spaniel X Beagle... which translates to one food focused dog! She will check out your counter tops just to make sure you haven't left anything yummy there. If there is, she will help you keep the kitchen clean. Quite helpful if you think about it! :P

Although she did take a while to settle in, in the end she was beautifully behaved... just keep your kitchen clear of potential yum yums! :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Swimming Hide'N'Seek

Just a quick one... We've been lucky in catching some good sunshine for swimming the past week. Of course after that, the afternoon is just thunderstorms :S

Here are the tired doggies after their swim. They're in the van (not a jail cell) :P

Goldie's a great swimmer and gets a good workout each time. Phoebe's just getting the hang of it, even though she's already 2 years old... Haha.

And now off to the groomers for a bath!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Our New Additions! Yzma & Anya :)

Ladies and Gentlepaws, Fur of all ages, I would like to introduce to you our 2 brand new babies :D

This is Yzma... the more fiesty one. Ever curious and playful, no corner is safe from this inquisitive one.

And this is Anya. She's slightly shy, and is quite content to lay with you to watch some telly.

But they are kittens after all and their days are filled with lots of play and tumbling. The girls were found and rescued from the drain at the back of our place during a major rainstorm. They were about to be washed away!

Phoebe is taking very well to them (much to my surprise i must admit!). Although i don't think she quite understands why they flip upsidedown when she licks them :P Lady, on the other hand, doesn't really care for them much... she just wants their food! That's Lady for you.

We are getting them used to the dogs that come in (and bark, whine, howl, drool, etc) so far they've been liking the attention... ok, maybe except the drool bit... eww...

Welcome to the (crazy) family! :)

Monday, April 07, 2008


Miss Polly-Chan (she's Japanese!) here is a ball freak! CRAZY over squeaky balls...

"Squeaksqueaksqueaksqueak" You get the picture.

Her small frame packs a full dose of insistence (read: stubbornness). What this daschund wants, this daschund will get. But she not all bad... she plays well with others, which is the most important thing, since they all speak the same language (dog).

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ode to DogWalkies!

A big shout out and WOOF to our fellow dog person in the business! :)
We love DogWalkies for their love and patience with all things on 4 legs... and a tail.

Hip Hip Woof!

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