We specialise in older dogs (one our own dogs lived till 20 years old). Seniors are welcome!

Saturday, January 31, 2015


This girl brings us so much joy :D She started out quite shy and didn't come to us when we called her. But after several stays, she's a happy gal that likes her zone. Sometimes when us leave the doors open for her to come out, she's quite contented to stay indoors.

Always ready with a tail wag and a happy wiggle!

Sunday, January 04, 2015


As a first timer at MIBO, you can never be sure how guests will react to their stay. Cats are usually reserved and in a "I hate the world" mode when they check in. So it's a particularly great feeling when they warm up and get all lovey dovey with us. Midori was never going to be a reserved cat :) He was quiet on the first day, but came to seek affection quickly. In the end, he was ok to have a quick wander around and make a few friends.

Saturday, January 03, 2015


As far as seasoned guests at MIBO goes, Ceasar would be right up there on the long-time-always-welcomed list :)

He's still the same Ceasar, though the years are starting to catch up. Phoebe and him still enjoy a playful romp whenever they pass by each other!

Friday, January 02, 2015

Toby & Ella

Oh how we love these 2! True to Great Dane nature, they are quite possibly THE SWEETEST dogs. They love to rub up against you, lean on you, push you over, step on your feet... with babies as large as them, you cannot escape their lovin'!

Toby gets nervous about the rain (bad time during the monsoon season!) but entertains us all with his quirky antics. Like digging a small pit in the garden and then looking like he never did it :D

Ella is an all around good girl! Both love to play with other dogs, which truthfully are just dwarfed against them. But they are quite literally gentle giants and the smaller ones simply zip around their long legs.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Chinese New Year 2015

Dear Pet-Parents,

Happy New Year! Hope your Christmas was a grand affair; or a quiet one with loved one. Both are equally great to have :)

Placements for Chinese New Year are now ready for booking - be quick - they will go fast! Next year's holiday falls on 19th (Thursday) and 20th (Friday) February 2015. Surcharges will apply for Boardings and DayCare that fall on/from the 18th (Wednesday) to 23rd (Monday) February 2015.

Rates will be 1.5 times regular rates across the above mentioned dates:
Boarding Regular Rates / After Surcharges

$45 $67.50
$55 / $82.50

$25 / $37.50

Confirmation will be required by 5 February 2015 and full payment by 12 February 2015.
Do have a look at our Cancellation/Refund policies also.

Feel free to email us with your bookings and enquiries.
We thank you for your support!

*rates are on a per-day basis

Why Board at MIBO?

- Cage-free environment with separate areas for different personalities and temperaments.
- There's always someone at home.
- Dogs are able to potty indoors or outdoors, with no restrictions or penalties
- Rates quoted are by general breed size, not weight. So there's no worry if you have a slightly more indulgent cocker spaniel. He/She is still a cocker spaniel in our eyes :)
- Rates quoted are all inclusive with no charges for the following:

> Daily walks
> Food and all bowls provided. Complimentary preparation for Home Cooked Food. BARF diets welcome.
> Administration of medications or applications of topical preparations.
> Treatment spray for fleas and ticks with Accurate when checking in.
> Baths before checking out.
> No holiday surcharges, except across Chinese New Year.
> SMS or email updates when requested