We specialise in older dogs (one our own dogs lived till 20 years old). Seniors are welcome!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Well the first hours for Mocha were rough... He squeezed through the living room window and ended up on the front yard... looking for his owner. It's tough for some dogs and they can get stressed. But after we put a lock-down on the windows (and doors!), just see where Mocha decided to make his surrender? Yup, on the sofa. Well, if you're gonna be sulky, might as well do it in comfort, I say!

Don't feel too bad for Mocha though... it was hard to contain his curiosity and he soon relaxed to make new friends (that's Rufus, everyone's friend :P ). Baby steps, but all towards a good goal! Well done, Mocha!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Charlie - the happier version :)

Ah, this is the happier Charlie that we all know and love (the previous pictures didn't do him any justice at all!). He's always up to surprise us all. Just when you think he's settled and enjoying the calm of his senior years, he'll spring up and want to play with the other dogs. And don't tell him he's an older chap - he doesn't know it. But one thing will slow him down for sure - thunderstorms! He'e absolutely terrified of them and will pace the house looking for a safe spot... poor Charlie!

He loves being outside and can spend a long time wandering the front yard and porch. We think he just likes to watch the birds come visit :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010


This is Lena and she's not your typical Singapore Special! She's confident and well socialised. Pat on the back for her owners on bringing up an all rounded dog. She play-bows with the little ones and even puts up with Phoebe. She's right there when you come home and does the Happy Dance. Complete with prancing! :D

(In collaboration with Dog Walkies)


I know, I know... the jungle cry is ringing in your head right? I know mine does when I see this boy!

Sometimes being just too happy isn't good for a dog - it sounds terrible, but this is the case for Mr Tarzan here. you see when he gets all excited, he starts jumping slipping sliding skidding hippity-hop boingboingboing... you get the picture. And at the end of all that, he hurts his leg and lands in a heap. Really not the best thing. 

So we have to be the cruel ones to pace him out with just one or 2 playmates at a time with plenty of (boring) breaks in between. Sigh...

SpanieLand (Part5): Meg

Something about Spaniels that most people know if that they are always happyhappyhappy!!! This is Meg. By definition Meg = Happy :D She just LOVES you. Yes, YOU. (and you and you and you!)

You can't help laughing and smiling when she just looks for your attention. She's such a good girl too :)

SpanieLand (Part4): Othello

Othello has HAS TO BE BESIDE YOU. All.The.Time. That quite simply defines him :) Sometimes annoying but most times a sweetie. He's a nosy fella and wants to see what everyone is up to! He was fostered by his current owner and when he got hurt, they made a promise to take care of him for good if he pulled though. What a tough cookie this boy turned out to be.

Here are the many faces of Ottie:
That's quite a few different looks! Yes he's quite comical :D

Take care Ottie! We'll miss you!
(In collaboration with Dog Walkies)

SpanieLand (Part3): Jack

Hee hee.. this is Jack! His puppy coat makes me laugh - it's always standing on it's end :) As all puppies are, Jack is still learning through play and exploration on how to be the best little Cocker he can be!

Jack exploring the yard with Rufus - they are great buddies together!
(In collaboration with Dog Walkies)

So many things to sniff for a wee-puppy!

SpanieLand (Part2): Rufus

Puppies are such a joy! Especially one as uber sweet as Rufus here :) I must admit that i have a soft spot for the Cavaliers.

Always curious and forever happy - that's the way of the Cavalier! He loves to play with all the dogs and is just as comfortable when it comes to bedtime. What a godsend!

Ooo Ooo... follow the camera for a close up... waaaait a minute!  Come here Mr Booger, we need to clean you up now :S

SpanieLand (Part1): Loofy

Welcome to Spaniel-Land... at least that's what it's been like the past few weeks! All kinds of Spaniels for you to see :) Step right up, step right up... First up: Loofy!

Well, he's been here for a month already - and boy does he rule the roost. Not in a bad way. But he does know ALL the rules of the house. And he tries his darn-est to side step them all.

And yep, he still has his ball - never apart for too long, that's Loofy and The Ball (there are many balls, but just one name. We have to get more! Balls, that is)

So if you have some (or lots) of time to do absolutely nothing, come on by. Loofy will keep you busy getting you to throw and fetch.... ALL DAY :)

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Inu & Koguma

This is where we will start... with Inu :) This is the second time that we are meeting and as you can see, that's pretty much what he thinks of me... haha. But that's pretty much Inu! He's laid back and easygoing (read: LAZY).

Meet Koguma, or Kogu for short. If there is such a thing as the difference between night and day, Inu and Kogu are prime examples. She's playful, inquisitive and will talk back at you. If you're up and about, she wants to know what you're doing and where you're going... all with a wiggly bum to boot!

I guess she gets away with many things... with that face? C'mon!

She was wiggling a little too much for the camera and i shhhhh-ed her... and this is the face i get. Sigh.

And this is where Inu is doing during all the happenings above - too precious! :)

Stella & Francis

I was quite surprised when Stella (that's her in the front) came to check me out. With cats, you kind of never know if you'll see them when you pop in for a visit. Stella's more shy (yes she will hiss too) than Francis.

Francis will come up to you and see what you're doing in his house... possibly making sure that i fix the litter box to his liking :P Notice that Stella's pose never changed in these 2 shots!

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