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Monday, August 27, 2007

Harry - all grown up

This is one of the perks of what i do: seeing how puppies grow up!

And my oh my, how Harry has grown :D
He's still playful, but in a calm way. He now has run of the house and after neutering, no longer humps my leg :S Very lovingly taken care of, he's so poufy and well groomed.

Good boy Harry!
*(see more of Harry and his puppy pictures by searching "Harry" in the top left corner of this blog)


Cheesecake is typical of most dogs that come to stay with us: She was well behaved and sitting pretty all the time. Laying down even when Stamford and Lola zip pass her, trying to get her to play. Then after 3 days, she shows her true colours!

At every opportunity, she will jump on the bed... escape to the living room (although she's scared of the big ones in the living room and will run right back to where she was!)... rough and tumble with the Italian Greyhounds... give up her bed to squeeze right in with them...

Give her a break, she's only 4 months old!

Stamford & Lola

"Don't squash the toothpicks!" That would be me telling the other dogs to watch out for these fragile looking dogs... Fragile? Well, no one TOLD them!

Stamford is the more laid back of the two... when he came, he would just stand there and cry. Poor thing, but with his sister around, that didn't last too long. Lola, on the other hand is the little rascal! She will pinch the other dogs and irk them into chasing her. And how she loves that! Doesn't matter if the dog in question is big (!!!) or small.

And they are MAJOR toy-fiends :D They LOVE toys. If they (toys) are missing, you can probably find them in their house, where they like to snuggle up and get cosy. They will even share their house with others (like Cheesecake).


The innocent stare

A new lease of life for this Miniature Schnauzer! Once upon a time from the SPCA, Pepper's new mum had no idea what she was getting into :P

He's a great dog - took us a while to figure out that he was whining. He doesn't show it at all! (I always thought it was my dog, Lady!) After some warm up time, he was happily playing with Stamford and Lola (coming up next). Although i think he felt outnumbered by them! :D

Monday, August 20, 2007

Happy & Momo



Ladies and gentleman, may i present you two of the Best Behaved Dogs ever to stay with us! This brother (Happy) and sister (Momo) duo are completely happy (no pun intended) and content to have each other. Momo is the shy one, she will let Happy take the lead and see if everything is ok. Very affectionate and playful too...

As a testament to their calm, well behaved nature, they slept with the most unlikely of buddies - the resident bunny.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Say Cheese!

Ok, say it after me, Sa-bee... at least that's how i remember it. Either that or Wasabi. This 1 year old Elkhound X Border Collier, always has a happy grin (as above). He does have a queer habit of sleeping on the top of the sofa... like on the headrest portion. I'm only puzzled as to how he keeps his balance up there... go figure.

Xabi and Cherry taking time out from play to pose... at least this is a still picture moment. Enter Phoebe and...

... i'm even lucky to get these shots that show them in their WWF sessions. The sofas don't stand a chance.


Aww... puppies are always so cute and Yugo is no different. This Australian Cattle Dog is a highly intelligent 4 month old, is completely potty trained (in our place anyway - his parents beg to differ!) and is a great playmate.

His name did prove tricky at times... "Yugo, come" started to sound like "You Go Come". Haha.

We hear that he's off to school and wish him all the best! I'm very sure he'll do very well.


This is Sandy Woo-woo... haha. Yup that's what she's called! Such a good girl... very good manners... except when it comes to food. Then she will ask (very politely) to have some. She may look small at age 3, but i think that just makes her more endearing.

Yes, so many nice praises, you should also know, she belongs within my family (she stays with a relative) :P

Sandy, not bothered by Yugo, the puppy who just wants to play (coming up next!).


It's been a long time and there are plenty of photos to share!
Here's Maeve!

She's a very sweet Pointer. A great dame that likes nothing more than to enjoy the little luxuries in life - a soft bed, a tender touch...

But her "true colurs" come out when the resident rabbit comes out! It's like her breed instinct takes over and she can spend hours lust pointing at the rabbit. The rabbit doesn't care about Maeve (maybe just "don't drool on me"). We just keep telling her, yes we know the rabbit is there... thanks for "pointing" it out to us.

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