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Friday, November 26, 2010

Bart, Penny, Arthur & Lance

What an extraordinary bunch of felines! You open the door and they are all out to greet you... This was for a pet sitting assignment that was for a while - so I really got the chance to know these guys thoroughly!

Meet Bart and...

... sister, Penny! They have such an exciting story and they are only young cats! Both are friendly and speak very politely. Bart is the daily bag inspector and Penny... well, she's pretty to look at :D

This is Arthur. And I must admit, this boy has captivated me :) He's a very special boy in my eyes and I love looking forward to him when I go by everyday. A real sweet-talker, that is what Arthur is... he comes up to you, looks you straight in the eye and "Maooooo"

He'll always be where you are... when you're getting ready the food, scooping the litter box (all 4!), vacuuming (ok he stays away - but he's watching you!) and when you get out the brush he's gonna come and sit right by you to wait his turn :) Can't help holding and hugging this old man!

And this is Lance... and if he looks like he doesn't do much, well, you're right :P He's just happy on top of his box. When it's food time, he'll be there, like the quiet gentleman that he is.

If you think you can initiate more contact with Lance, you'll get The Paw... it's a gentleman's paw too. But I think i know to give him his space... he's earned it :D

What did i say - doesn't that look like the greatest group of cats?

Monday, November 22, 2010

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Red & BK

Meet Red - he's quite shy and will stay out of my way when I go visit him and his "brother" BK. This is his favourite spot to hide: under the dining table!

And this is BK. Quite the master of the house... he's always watching and observing what you are doing. When you fill up their food bowls, he's the first one in it. Like a food-taster figuring out if what you're putting out is up to standard :)

As you can see, BK is the King... of the sofa. This is his spot. He might share it with me... sometimes!

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Puli called Ziggy

"... this just in..."

That's Ziggy reading the newspapers :P Actually it's just him liking to sit on chairs, sofas, dining table (!!!), coffee table... you name it, Ziggy will probably would have been on it.

Ziggy is a Hungarian Puli - there's always a first time to discover new breeds! Go and Google it... Ziggy won't mind waiting...

... did you find it?

Hah! So what did you think? A Bob Marley wannabe? :D Ziggy is a lively all the time and takes things easy. As much as we would very much love to see him in his dreadlocks, I think this look is better suited for Singapore!

Ok Ziggy, we shall leave you to your papers... ermm, chair, now :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Puppies Playtime!

Some things just can't be captured in still pictures - movement is far more expressive :) either that or puppies are just too active to be posing for proper photographs. So here are videos of our favourite little ones. The ones above are of Lollie and Koa having a good time in the yard playing by themselves... (p/s: there is no sound, so there's nothing wrong with your speakers!)

And there's even more fun with there are additional playmates! Watch Lollie & Koa go a little crazy when we put Sassy & Virdel in the picture. Lollie is trying to get Sassy to play with her but instead catches the attention of Virdel (who is half her size)!

Virdel & Sassy are really kicking up a storm! Watch as Sassy catches a near miss with the both of them zipping by on either sides... but does that scare her even a little? Heck, no! When everyone is taking a breather, Sassy is gamely teasing Lollie to chase her. Cheeky little girl!

Lollie & Koa: All Grown Up!

Every one of these shots of Lollie and Koa are so precious to us... these will be one of the last few pictures of the original babies that we have grown to love so dearly! Soon they will be off to a cooler climate (their coats will be fabulous for sure!) and bid farewell to Singapore.

Lollie and Koa are quite the insane duo - they need only each other. But will gamely take on anything in their path. Big or small dogs - bring it on! :)

Koa will always be the more playful of the two... he's fast and crazy - pretty much all that you expect from a boy! We love how he greets us when we come in with all the shakes and wiggles that make us laugh :D

Lollie cannot be underestimated - she will be all sweet, loving and girly, but she has her moments too. Moments that remind us that she's a puppy and just as playful when it comes down to being with her brother!

Here are their "stalk and be stalked" with Sassy and Virdel (another 2 cute babies!) in the yard. See the videos here!

A drink to both of you - Cheers!

Monday, November 08, 2010


This is what we like to call the typical Westie HELLO!!!

Yes, what you see is what you get with Brutus... he's happy to be involved with what everyone is doing all the time. Not a worry in the world :D

Even when he's chilled, he looks so happy doing it. Makes us smile and thank our lucky stars for doggies like Brutus!

Sunday, November 07, 2010


For the lack of creativity, Bichon is a Bichon Frise... not the owner's fault - he came with the name! But we always like to be proven wrong - he's not like any other ones that we know. He loves other dogs and people - uber friendly and he's great to have around.

We are so glad that he found a good home and given another chance. He's just too nice otherwise! It would be a perfect place if all the dogs are like Bichon :D

"Whatcha' got there?? Put it down and play with me!"

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Cherry & Niyma

It's been toooo long since we last saw these 2 spaniels! Can you remember Cherry? Well, at first neither could we! She was very young when she first came. She's now 4 years old but still as sweet as ever and the independent girl that we know and love. Our resident dogs Lady and Phoebe still recognise them; how cool is that!

Cherry is one half of a duo. Here's her partner - Niyma. He was a wee puppy when we first saw him! He's grown up to be a well mannered boy. No longer the monkey-boy that he was when he was a baby. Kudos to their mummy!

He gets along with all the dogs - just a tad shy of the bigger ones (sorry Phoebe!) but with Cherry in the same room, he's more confident and secure. Always helps to have a sibling around!

Niyma - back in the Race Course location in 2008. Just 3 months old! :)

Here he is today - sitting tall on our sofa in Hillvew :D

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Sassy & Virdel


Sorry couldn't help myself. Babies just grow too fast! The previous babies that were here were Lollie & Koa, they are all big kids now (sobs!). So it's always great to have new little ones around the house!

Meet Sassy! She's a teeny-tiny Yorkshire Terrier. I think she's as heavy as a peanut! She loves her big brother Virdel and will follow him around, even if he bowls over her all the time.

"Sniff sniff... do you have FOOD??!!"
Sassy has a BIG voice when it comes to food time... there is no mistaking it! Haha! :D

Like all babies and young pups, they are INCREDIBLY difficult to take good still shots of. And just when you think you got THE perfect shot >>> you get this: backs to the lens. Typical :P

This is Virdel - and to me, he looks just like Harry when he too first came to us :) They are similar if you can count crazy-playful-puppylike-nonstop zooming-go-go-go as being the same. Watch their video here. We love him! (He's a Griffon Brussels, by the way)

Oh that tounge - is what makes Virdel too cute for words. How can you not gush over this little boy?

See? Even when he's doing a poop, he looks like he's thinking very hard about it!

We love Babies :D

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