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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Roada reminds me of what Mambo used to be like :D We think there is a good chance that they will grow up to look alike!

What do you think?

Mambo (left) when he was a wee baby. Roada (right) now.

Roada (left); Mambo (right)

Roada (left); Mambo (right)

Uncanny huh? And it's interesting to note that thay both play the same way when young too :D This is Roada, by the way - in case you were wondering!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Playtime @ MIBO!

Part 1: Angel (beagle), Grayson (beagle with light brown markings), Zoey (black cocker-poo), Coco (black mongrel), Cosmo (shih tzu) and Jewel (brown mongrel) all start to get into it. Some more than others!

Part 2: Grayson. Jewel and Zoey are all friends even before coming to MIBO. That's so cool!

Part 3: Shot from another angle; Zoey gets the toy... then gets distracted.

Part 4: From the door, see how they pair up to play! And wait for the end to see where Grayson decides to take a rest :D

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pukama on HomeCare

Pukama was on HomeCare as he just had surgery and was back from the vet's. We were glad to watch over him and Olga while his parents went to work. He actually looks worse than he feels!

We brought Cosmo along to cheer him up. But it seems that they were just not bothered by one another!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Coco-choco-lata! Like Cocoa, chocolate and latte all in one. She always looks worried when we bring out the camera! We think that it's uncanny that Coco can look like Gideon or Dusty, even when they all come from different countries. X-breeds are one of a kind!

Don't let her sad face fool you - she can be a crazy fireball who talks alot when she's excited! She even has the capacity of helping other dogs and getting into trouble.

She's great playmates with Dusty, Linda and Jewel. She was even a recognised partner in crime with Kopi-O!

Who Me??

She's comical in her own way and a joy to come home to. She's loving and bouncy! 

Watch as she has the toy first and Dusty wants it too. But she isn't one to give. Coco gets distracted and Dusty makes a dash for it. Now it's her turn to wait for the toy.

Never a dull moment as they say!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Some cats want out all the time and will kick up a fuss just to be let out. Bo is just the opposite. This is what happens when she's out and we shut the door. All she wants is in and will look under, over, side and stick her paws in to look for an alternative entrance!

Then she gives up (for a while) and takes a quick stroll around the balcony. To check things out and maybe look for a teleport service back into the cage!

She's incredibly beautiful with silver and tan marking and doesn't mind bring carried (bonus!). If you approach her she will come to you for some loving too.

Usually this is what we see on a day-to-day basis, but she's happy right there! :D

Monday, July 04, 2011


Ah the story of Linda takes a long time to explain but let's just say that she has her ups and downs. But the ups are more apparent now then the downs :) That's great news for all!

Captivating NOSE and EYES!
She likes to pick a best friend - singular. For a long time, her pal was Chris. But Chris went home and i think she was sad for a period. She was grumpy and moody with all the other dogs. We tried to introduce new friends to her, but she was not taking it.

Even with Phoebe, she was so-so with her. 

Recently she met Jewel and this is a break in between their crazy play session seen in the video below. The funny thing about Jewel is that she always takes a few days to warm up to the dogs when she comes and stay. And just when you think she will never get out of her funk, BOOM! She'll explode into antics that keep us laughing! :D

Sunday, July 03, 2011


I think Bisou is THE SMALLEST DOG that has ever come to MIBO. And this is for a full grown adult dog. Bisou is 2.5years old - really :)

This is her on the dining chair. There's lots of space (even for another Bisou). And the fact that she's on the chair will tell you about her persona. She doesn't think she's a dog. People say that all the time, but for Bisou this holds very true.

She looks at other dogs and doesn't really care about them. They play, she stands back. They bark, she has ??? all over her face. They sniff at her, she sighs at them. It's really nice to see a petite gal stand up on her own and not being overly worried or skittish. Too cute! :D

Small dog, big independence!

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Morgan & Agatha

Both Morgan & Agatha are one of the sweetest cats I I have come to visit :) You will hear Agatha all the time - she's a talker, in the nicest way possible. It sounds like she has a sore throat actually!

Morgan here is a lttle shy and standoff-ish. But he does warm up to you after a few days. He'll follow you around and if you're really lucky, he'll even reward you with a small meow.

I am Handsome.

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