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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Gang's All Here!

For the first time (and possibly only time) ALL my dogs are with me. Usually i only have Phoebe with me and the rest stay in retirement with my parents up north. But since their house is getting renovated, i thought i'd pop them over for a while. Here's the intro!

Phoebe (Weimaraner), 1 year 7 months
No intro needed - most dogs that come by will meet this big grey gal!

Niu Niu (Shih Tzu X Silky Terrier), 10 years
Fiesty character this one is - ever the princess!

The smallest sharing the sofa with the biggest of the family :P

Lady (English Cocker Spaniel), 7 years
The sweetheart of the group, she's really shy and usually hides out in the room.

Lucky (Cavelier King Charles Spaniel), 18 years
The grand-daddy of them all; so much so that he get 2 pictures! The most placid and well behaved dog that i have ever known.
So there you have it. You may have seen some of them, but never all of them at the same time :P

Jock (After)

There should be an "Extreme Makeover (Dog Edition)"
Check out this dude! It doesn't even look like the same Jock as before. Major haircut and now he can clearly see where he's going :P

Still ever so "manja" (affectionate) although the resident rabbit does makes him all excited. But here he is in his quiet moment. And yes, he does know that that is Phoebe's bed. They all do musical beds all the time!

Pancake's Back!

El Fatty is back! (not meaning to be rude, his parents call him that too) This time's a bit different than the last. Now there are more dogs and he's staying longer also. Sometimes he doesn't really know what to make of it. And when it's all abit too much, he goes under the protection of the dining table - that's his zone :)

What an angel face!

His parents will be moving soon and we won't be able to meet on our daily walks anymore :( That's just heartbreaking! But we welcome you to stay over anytime. Missing you already.

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