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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Meow Meow

Sometimes you expect the worst - and get thrown a curve ball and get the nicest cat! Meow has a history of fits and had to be confined at all times. Needless to say, she was grouchy (but we've seem worse!) In the end, she was so friendly, we just had to let her out to explore. 

As you can see, she had no problems being outside at all and didn't even mind our cats moving around her. Sweet girl!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Thundershirt on Fox News

It's true! Even the skeptics are won over :D Here's a news report done on Fox News by Colin Hackman.

For more information on Thundershirts, visit Paws of Pangaea.

Monday, February 07, 2011

JRTs of the same kind :)

Baby! (or Bah-Beeee as I like to call him)

He's the smallest lil' JRT but such a cutie :) He's grown up to be a good boy so far. His best bud is a Basset Hound - you can't get any different from that!

And Cookie here is the regular JRT gal that usually has the title for the smallest dog in the bunch - but when you get 2 similar sized dogs...

... they typically become great friends and they really can play hard! Here's Cookie and Baby looking like they don't care much for each other; but we know better! They love each other! :D

Sunday, February 06, 2011


Most of the time we get cats that don't like strangers. Whisker is great with new people, she just doesn't like other cats too much.

She won't actively play with them, she just likes to mind her own business, thank you very much.

Cat-in-a-box: Peek a Boo!
But as you can see, she's a very curious girl and is game just exploring around the place.

This is by far her favourite activity and Whisker can spend hours looking at the world outside. Birds, cars, trees, people... there's just so many things to keep her entertained!

Friday, February 04, 2011

In a Perfect (Feline) World...

Some days, every thing is good! This is one of the rare moments that ALL the cats staying here get along with every one else. It's constantly reassuring them and making them feel secure and safe, so that they come out and relax with the others.

Thank you to all the cats for showing that it is possible: Snowy (white), Whisker (cat looking out window), Pebbles (trying to catch Whisker's tail) and of course our resident cats: Mambo and Baron - for being great hosts!

It's a Cat's Life :D

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Bye Bye Babies...

We are gonna miss these 2 soooo much! We've seen them grow since there were babies... and now we have to part ways as they head off for their next adventure in the United States!

These are their famous poses: Butt Shots!

Lollie loves the outdoors!
My Dear Koa, his heart is bigger than all of him combined! He's wary of strangers, but if you give him time, he will make up for it by loving you in double amounts :D He's our crazy boy that licks our feet whenever we walk pass!

I will protect the house!!!
Ooookay Koa...

Lollie's Famous "Splat" Pose

Lollie is in mid-roll - but her shaggy do' is also in preparation for the colder weather when they reach their destination. Travel safe - I wonder if they have doggy Duty Free? :D

Last nuzzle from Lady!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


How can we say goodbye to a face like that??
Lulu: Always Happy - all pugs are!
It all started with LuLu... we fell in love with her back then. She's always been the best pug ever - so full of heart!

It takes a special kind of someone to open up your doors to another 4 dogs! (the blur-est one is not part of the gang - that's Baby - but he takes them like his group of aunties :P)


So it's now Lulu, Dita (biggest smile!), Edith and Sophie - all pugs! That's quite the snort-snore party!

Wait, that's not a pug! Marilyn is the one that rules them all :)

She looks at you with these BIG  adorable eyes that makes her so cute! But she's the bossy one among all of them. What a fun group :D

*Muackz Muackz* to you!
We'll miss them all so much and know that they will be excited in their new homeland. So many new things to check out - for one, SNOW!!!

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