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Monday, May 28, 2007

Boomer & Maisie

Boom Boom! How can you not love 2 white fur balls? (if you don't, please exit the room) I had a super fun time Pet Sitting them. Phoebe just loves them... and their toys :P

These Westies are so adorable... and they live in the lap of luxury as you can plainly see :D

This is Maisie - sleeping on top of the sofa. She's literally over my head!

And this is Boomer (sounds like a bass instrument, if you ask me). He's acting all shy with the camera.

What all dogs do best - Good night guys!


Usually we brag about the oldest pups that come by to stay with us (see: Tia, Bam Bam and LaLa) but Countess here is our youngest! At only 2 months old, she is a joy to watch everyday as she learns how the world works.

Very good appetite! Will finish her food 3 times a day.

This little girl is very robust and very daring. Will always seek out to play and explore. We think in her previous life, she must have been a commando or something. Loves to go under anything: sofa, beds, cabinets, our legs... Quite the mischievous one.

What's this? Feet!

And the other end? Nose!

What you got there? Toy!

Phoebe: Do i have to share?

Such a darling... just had to capture a shot for memory :)

And after all that... knocks out like a light... Zzz. They look most innocent and peaceful like this.

Junior's All Grown Up!

My my my... how Junior has grown! Seeing his first visit with us, he's like a different dog. No longer shy and hiding in the corner, all he wants to do now is play with other dogs!

I'd like to think that we helped with his socialisation skills :D

Timmy's here again!

Hello?? You forgot something... ME!

Yes? What you looking at?

MIBO: Timmy get off the bed!
Timmy: *hides under blanket*
Timmy: You can't find me... :P

Ever so cute in his antics... He still looks and behaves like a puppy even though he's already 2 years old! Oh and if someone has a decoder for ear-reading, let us know. Timmy has the MOST expressive ear actions :)

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Benny, Malcolm & Marilyn

I have to be very honest: I'm not a cat person... or a rabbit one for that fact. Sure i will pet them and say hi, but to provide daily care for them, i'm really lost.

But I'm so happy to meet these guys! Totally making me love them and change my views about them.

Benny here is a little motor machine... he purrs non-stop! What a sweetheart :) And true to his nature, he never lifts a paw.

Malcolm here, is also known as Mr Head of Security. He wants to know who you are, what you're up to, where you're going... you get the picture. But once you get his OK, he will warm your heart.

Miss Marilyn is a bunny! And a fast one at that... she hops to the scent of any freedom available. Quite a gourmet diner, she eats almonds, blueberries and a healthy dose of vegetable too. Love her beautiful blue eyes.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


No related to the Smurf's song... LaLa is a well behaved elderly Silky terrier that will be staying with us about 2 to 3 times a week. So we'll be seeing this little guy often!

Little secret: If the dog is a pure vegetarian and eats rice and carrots only... the output will be orange! Very queer and interesting indeed ;)


Fluffy is a 7 month Bichon Frise, every ready for a quick game.
It can be quite scary to wake up in the middle of the night, groping about in the dark, only to see 3 black dots... Fluffy is so white, he blends right into the floor tiles. So you only see his eyes and nose in the darkness. Haha.

Goldie + Water = FUN!

It was such a hot morning! But that didn't stop the girls (Goldie & Phoebe) from having lots of fun!

Goldie is a very confident swimmer - doing her own thing :)

Phoebe, on the other hand, hasn't really got the idea of swimming. Her idea of fun is splashing about. And when she does swim, she'll sometimes hang on to Goldie. Not Goldie's idea of fun :P

Super day! Look forward to another swim session soon!
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Monday, May 07, 2007

Pancake in the house

Woop-de-doo! You must have a huge smile on your face... I know i do!
Pancake stayed over for one night only, but he was such a good boy. Like the techer's pet in school, i must say that i'm biased when it comes to this boy.

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Harry & WaWa

In the world of unlikely friendships, this one is surely one of them.

Harry is a friendly guy (too friendly for some!) who just wants to play and have fun. WaWa is a gal who values her privacy. So to see these two getting along so well warms your heart and make you smile. The world could take a leaf out of their books :)

WaWa is a JRT X Chihuahua and Harry is a Shih Tzu X Pekingese.
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Thursday, May 03, 2007


This shy shih tzu is a total sweetie pie.
He missed his family so much, never having been away from home at all.
Lucky for him, he went home earlier than expected.

Perfect pose!

You talking to me?

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