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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Babies again!

Hello again to 2 of my favourite babies! The saddest part is that they won't be babies much longer! *Sobs* But for now we are just content to TRY and catch their youthful antics all over again.

This is Koa. To me, he's the cheekier of the 2! He's ever curious and will try to do things... like reach for the ball that's rolled behind the fan... or under the sofa (you can see the ball just behind him!)

He loves his sister, Lollie, and will always look to play with her. Play/Bully, well, that may the the same words to Koa! He'll pull her ears, tug her legs, jump all over her...

If you keep him away from Lollie, he will call for her - which is one of the most pathetic sounds that you can imagine!

And this is the "lady" of the 2, Lollie! Don't see her as a cute cuddle bunny - i know we do! She can play crazy too!

If she's not bring chased by her brother, Koa, she'll be the explorer and wander off to soem unknown corner of the room/garden. And she'll come zooming back, very excited by her new find - probably a leaf! Haha :D

This is Lollie teasing Charlie, our senior lab staying here. They zoom around him like he's a mountain in the hallway! But Charlie (bless him) is a patient old man with the young ones flying past him... either that or he just doesn't want to move! :P

Never a boring moment with these 2 fur babies around! Watch your feet --- here they come!!! Sigh, i remember them not that long ago >>> here.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pebbles - all grown up!

You'll remember Pebbles from here - he was just a baby then! Well, he's all grown up now :)

Here he is enjoying the outdoor scenery - something that he's liked since he was here the last time.

A relaxed moment with a cat furniture.

Here he is caught in the middle of a play session with Mambo... Flying Kick!

We were so delighted when he got on great with our resident kitten, Mambo! (Mambo seem to be making more friends with the cats that come to stay)

We always laugh when they both come out to play and can't get enough of wrestling and rolling on the ground. All in good fun!


There are times when a dog comes in and is oh so cute... we are quite literally at a loss for words!

This is Jeff and he's just 6 months old - with the most pinch-able face ever! He loves to play with the others and we just such a laugh watching him do so!

(in collaboration with Dog Walkies)
Come back soon Jeff!!!

Friday, August 06, 2010

Skimp & Scamp

This is Skimp... oh wait, maybe it's Scamp! I still have trouble telling them apart...

This is what happens when you have sibilings come and stay. Yup these Shelties are brother and sister pair :) How cool is that.

Both are equally loving and want to be with you all the time!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Inu & Koguma

Had the pleasure of spending 2 weeks with these English Bulldogs - what a barrel of laughs!

This is Inu - the less active of the both of them. But he's such a good boy and will go potty when you tell him to. He's not always this grouchy looking!

And these are the many faces of Koguma. She's always in your face and wanting to play. It's hard to slow her down when she's always on the go!

They couldn't be more different but are still good mates together :)

Wednesday, August 04, 2010


This is Sam the cat... he's hard of hearing a slightly blind, but what doesn't work at 100% other parts make up for it 3 fold - He has quite a set of vocals! We really had to check out what the sound was and were surprised that it came from this senior cat.

But he's such a good friendly cat and will allow us to carry him when needed. He enjoys the space out of the cage, but will jump back in my himself when it's nap time. So clever! And if you tap his box (crate) he happily goes and and waits for you to shut the door. Instead, he'll get quite upset if you try to take him out.

And he plays well with Mambo (our resident kitten - not for long!) too. What a bonus :D

Such a funny cat. We'll be seeing him again before the year is up!

(More of) Max

These are the many faces of Max - he's such a good boy, he's welcome to stay anytime! Really :)

He's always happy - don't think we've ever seen him otherwise...

But we still can't see his eyes... some things don't change much :P

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