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Monday, March 31, 2008


Puppies! They make you fall in love with them everyday... and yet make you roll your eyes at their antics. They are puppies after all. Molly here is a 4 month old Golden Retriever. And it must be said that GR puppies are most likely to devour plant life when they can. Yes i had a little gardener on my hands.

But she never means any harm - how can you not forgive that face? Next time i see you, you'll be a big girl Molly! :)

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Hmm... this pix of Po-Pe is not really a good gauge of how he's feeling... as you can see he's in the bathroom. He missed his family quite a bit while he was here and took a good 3 days to settle in. That to me looks like a forced smile :1

This is more like it! :D This was taken after 5 days had passed. Other than his anxiety, he was pretty good. He feels better knowing where you are even though he can't get to you. Seeing you is reassurance enough.

Sleepy Time!

One of the best times of the day for me is naptime. You would think that all they want to do is play all day... but somehow, they know when it's time to decompress, lay back and relax. This is when i can attend to emails and update the blog (like this!)

Of course, nap times are also not the best time to take pictures, cuz they can stirr at the slightest sound! Unless they were pretending to sleep in the first place. Yes that means you Saffie!

Top to bottom: Cherry, Niyma, Molly and Saffie


Ok I'll admit, i first thought that Ruby would be a red retriever. How narrow-minded of me. She's a shade of absolutely gorgeous golden blonde.

And she nice too! Fun and easygoing. She likes to play with toys, taking them to you and asking you to play with her. She took no time at all in settling in. Good girl!

It's when I'm having breakfast... oh boy. She STARES at you with those big eyes... and the drool starts. Then she places her chin on your lap... ewww! Ruby! But it's all in good nature.

Yes they do sleep... this is nap time in the afternoon. Usually after breakfast and a session of play. More sleepy pix coming up!

Kimmy & Gigi

This is Kimmy (7Years) and

this is Gigi (8years)!

Lots of love coming from these girls. Gigi is always happy, wiggling her butt with her tail going at top speed. Kimmy likes to be involved in everything and they are pretty much glued to each other. You find one, you find the other.

Here they are taking in a little of the morning breeze. Gigi: "Breeze-smeeze... make breakfast already!"

Group shot! (i try to get one when i can). That's Tia at the back, Ruby and Kimmy & Gigi in the foreground.


Ladies and Gentleman... The winner of the 2008 Doglympics for the 100meter hurdles is... (drumroll)... MEIJI!

Babygates are like her playthings. Up and over with ease. I'm sure the other dogs look on with envy "we want to do that too!" Luckily for us, she doesn't know how to open doors. Shh... don't tell her!

p/s doesn't she remind you of Japanese goodies? yum yum :)


Coffee, Tea or ME? :)

This sweet Schnoodle (Schnauzer X Poodle) is a shy shy shy girl... Can't see or hear her cuz she's holed up in a corner somewhere. So you would think that's her personality right? WRONG!

In the presence of her owners, she turns into a fireball-tornado-whriling-jumping ball of fluff. So who's the real Coffee? Your guess is as good as mine :P

Monday, March 03, 2008

Gou Gou

Gou Gou is a as funny and entertaining as they get! This 6 month old puppy is always happy (check out that big smile) and kind of never stops moving :P

I just found out that Westies are actually white Cairn Terriers! That would explain the similarities in their "i-can-do-no-wrong" attitude :)

You've got my food! Yum Yum... hurry up!

Oui! Who moved my kibble?

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