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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Yaya, Nubi, Luna & Yuki

Most of the time for these 2, this is going on... punctuated by barks and yelps of playfulness and feet scurrying across the floor while they chase each other around! 

Nubi is one fella that cannotkeepstill! Always happy to see you and greets with a wiggle that vibrates throughout his body.

Then it will all suddenly come to a stop where they will both lie flat on the floor panting their lungs out. Crazy boys!

This is Yaya - even with one eye with poor sight, he still gives it his all. He may bump (crash) into the furniture and the walls, but it doesn't faze him at all. This Bull Terrier is one tough cookie!

Balls are Yaya's absolute favourite and he will chase them for hours! A knotted rope ball is also good for tough jaws like his :) 

This is Yuki - Miss Chilli Padi. She's all nice and loving to you, but resists being carried if she can help it!

Here she shows you her version of "Yuki-Style"! :D 

And this is Luna. No love lost between Yuki and her. They are on opposite ends of the room when we took these shots! Luna prefers to watch the world go by at the window. Probably dreaming of the birds that she's too lazy to catch!

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