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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Meet Knuckles - short for Knucklehead :) What a name - you can tell right-away that this cat is no nonsense! The first day revolved around ME moving around HIM... CAREFULLY.

He's not the most hospitable - even his owner said so. No worries we don't take it to heart. Just watch the paw!

But before you knew it - he was out and about. Guess he's just curious about this person coming in and moving all over the place. "What is she up to in my kingdom??!!"

Knuckles will watch you from a distance. So close but still so far. If you ignore him, there is a good chance that he'll rub up against you - bonus!

"I'm watching you... watching me..."

Did i mention he likes to hang out in the bathroom - quite a funny cat he is!

"Some privacy please! Geeeze..."

"This is MY kingdom and don't you forget it!"

Aww... missing you already Knuckles :D

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