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Friday, December 31, 2010

MIBO's Christmas Pledge for Gentle Paws & Friends

Extracted from Gentle Paws & Friends blog: http://gentlepaws2010.blogspot.com

We managed to pledge a total of S$1200 to Gentle Paws and Friends - all thanks to your contribution for Christmas Greetings and Holiday Wishes. We were very proud to present them with the donation on 28 December 2010: just in time for the new year :D

Happy New Year to all!


Friday, December  17, 2010

Off with Scrooge for MilkBone Pet DayCare (MIBO) is Here!

Picture this - You have a pooch. You love him to bits. But you gotta head for work each day to bring in the dough. No one's at home most of the time. Your parents are getting older and you don't wish them to trouble themselves with the dog, bending over to pick up poop and bringing him for long walks. And of course, you don't have the luxury of a domestic maid.

What?! No more walks???

Or what about this? Your whole family's going for that long awaited vacation you've dreamed about for ages. Unfortunately, your canine best friend can't come along. The logistics for bringing him on a holiday is too great. You need somebody whom you can trust to shower your dog with attention the way that you do, to provide your dog with long walks and delicious meals so that your furkid too, will feel like he is on a wonderful getaway.

They're leaving me behind...

Is there no one you can turn to? Can't you own a dog and go to work at the same time? Can't you own a dog and go on a short holiday too?

A sad dog makes for a sad master.

Don't worry because MIBO's here to save the day!

MIBO, otherwise known as Milkbone Pet DayCare, provides services such as dog boarding (or cat boarding), pet sitting, pet and house sitting as well as pet daycare. Boarding services are a dime a dozen in our burgeoning pet industry. This makes it difficult to distinguish the good ones from the bad. After all, you won't be around to ensure that your dog is not ill-treated. You need to be able to know for sure that your dog will be safe and happy while you are not by his side. It is extremely important that you get a good boarding service.

A good boarding service puts a smile on your furkid's face!

Browsing through their website and liaising with Sera, the very lady behind MIBO, has left us with the instinctive feeling that MIBO is a company you can trust with your very best friend. Don't trust us? Just go check out their website at http://themilkbone.blogspot.com/ and see for your very own eyes the very happy pets that have at their place. These dogs don't even look like they are away from home! I guess the success behind MIBO is their ability to do exactly that - to make our furkid feel at home, where they belong.

See how the smile lights up her eyes?

MIBO seems to be doing pretty well because as I read, their slots for this Christmas season have been filled. There's no better testament to their great service than that. If you're interested in boarding your pet over the Chinese New Year holiday next year, do go check out their website for more details. Don't wait too long because slots go fast!

This Christmas, MIBO is doing its part to help the furkiddies at Gentle Paws lead a better life. For every Christmas greeting you make on its Facebook page, MIBO will be contributing $5 to us! We would like to take this opportunity to shout out a great big thank you to MIBO for this generous gesture. Christmas is a season of giving, laughing and sharing. Here at Gentle Paws, we are really feeling the Christmas spirit!

So guys, what are you waiting for??? 

Head over to http://www.facebook.com/pages/MilkBone-Pet-DayCare/75544515408 to help make this Christmas a better Christmas for the dogs at Gentle Paws. It's that easy. A few click-clicks on the keyboard and hey presto, you would have helped contribute $5 to Gentle Paws indirectly. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your time!

It's a little early but since we're feeling the Christmas glow, here's Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, from Gentle Paws and Friends!

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Why Board at MIBO?

- Cage-free environment with separate areas for different personalities and temperaments.
- There's always someone at home.
- Dogs are able to potty indoors or outdoors, with no restrictions or penalties
- Rates quoted are by general breed size, not weight. So there's no worry if you have a slightly more indulgent cocker spaniel. He/She is still a cocker spaniel in our eyes :)
- Rates quoted are all inclusive with no charges for the following:

> Daily walks
> Food and all bowls provided. Complimentary preparation for Home Cooked Food. BARF diets welcome.
> Administration of medications or applications of topical preparations.
> Treatment spray for fleas and ticks with Accurate when checking in.
> Baths before checking out.
> No holiday surcharges, except across Chinese New Year.
> SMS or email updates when requested