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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Thundershirt(TM) Sizing

Available in the following:
Heather Grey - SGD$55.00*
*Special Launch Price (valid till 31st August 2010)

Pink Rugby (coming soon!)- SGD$60.00

Blue Rugby (coming soon!) - SGD$60.00

How to Measure your Dog for his/her own Thundershirt
Measure "Chest Size" as illustrated by red arrow below

Size Chest Size (in inches) Weight (in pounds)
XXS 9" - 13.5" less than 12lbs
XS 13"- 18" 10-18lbs
S 16"-23" 15-25lbs
M 8"-26" 20-50lbs
L 24"-32" 40-70lbs
XL 31"-40" 60-100lbs
XXL 38"-50" more than 90lbs

What size is right for my dog?
Thundershirt comes in seven different sizes. See the table above to find the right size for your dog. Like people, dogs come in many different shapes and sizes, so if your dog has unusual proportions, you may need to go up or down a size versus the "standard" measurements. But the Thundershirt is designed to beveryadjustable to accomodate different dog shapes and still be easy to put on.

Can i wash and dry Thundershirt?
Thundershirt is made of durable, washable fabric. When necessary, Thundershirt may be washed in a regular cycle using regular laundry detergent and warm water. Hang to dry.

Is overheating a concern when using a Thundershirt?
Except in extreme conditions (over 32 degrees Celsius in the sun), overheating is not typically a concern when using a Thundershirt. Dogs cool themselves primarily through their mouths and paws, and a Thundershirt is constructed of a thin, breathable fabric. The state of Florida is one of Thundershirt's biggest markets. But if you feel that overheating might be a problem for your particular circumstance, please monitor your dog for any signs of overheating such as heavy panting or tongue hanging out of the mouth. Remove the Thundershirt if you see any signs of overheating.

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