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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Year of the Tiger brings... Dogs? :)

Well, I believe that some of them are capable of ROARING! Lucky for me most of them just bark, whine, yip and howl (??!!)

Here are some of the dogs that welcomed the Lunar New Year with us! :D

Summer: As simple as her name suggests :) She's a placid girl that sometimes doesn't really know what going on and just follows what the other are doing. We's ok with that as long as it's not some bad habit!
This is Summer's happy-go-lucky face: doesn't that make you smile too?

Somehow the world outside always looks better when you're inside!

Miss Hana - I think i can declare corgis are the all time funny breed! They simply are without even trying :P

Sora: This Papilion has been with us several times, so it's really nice to see a familiar face. She likes her crate and feels right at home in there :)

This is Sora's serious face - still so cute! :P

Buff-buff-Buffy!!! Awww... we absolutely LOVE this girl! Not a mean bone in her body and a joy to have around. She does try to be a shadow chaser when she's in the yard, but it's all in harmless fun :)

She asks for auto belly rubs all the time.. hee hee.

Pepo: another familiar face! I do think that he's so comfortable here, he's taken to calling it his home and telling the others what (he thinks) is right and wrong. We are honored that he's settled in so well!

Ody: Oddles of cuteness with this boy! He can be mischievous but he gets away with it with THAT expression. It's his first time with us, so we'll give him a chance *wink*

Doggy mummies and daddies, if your dog stayed with us and you don't see their picture posted up here, please email us with their photo! Not every dog is camera ready... sometimes even I'm not ready with camera in hand *blush*

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