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Friday, December 26, 2008

Employment Opportunities

As much as we are a One-(wo)man-Operation, there are times when i do require help during busy periods like the holiday periods. I'm looking for sincere dog lovers to come and have a unique opportunity to get to know all the types of dogs that are out there. Big, small, shy, yappy, bouncy... but most of all, loving.

For those of you who think you possess enough love for the dogs and other animals that swing by our doors, do take a look at the following and decide if you can cope what is needed. You must:

  • Have a abundance of love and patience for the dogs, a can-do spirit and be an independent worker
  • Embrace all the different characteristics and personalities that come with all the dogs. I've not met 2 dogs are that are completely alike. That's the beauty of it.
  • Not have abused any animal before, regardless of species or size
  • Be able to handle all types of sizes of dogs and all breeds; physically and psychologically
  • Have some experience in dog care. Whether you currently own a dog or used to own one, some knowledge is good.
  • Have a high volume threshold. They bark, whine, bay, cry... all at incredible pitches at times
  • Keep keen attention to detail - look out for ticks, spills, pet excrement, etc
  • Maintain a high level of hygiene and cleanliness. As clients/owners, we will not dream, of leaving our pets in anything less than a clean and healthy environment. You will be expected to weld a vacuum, mop and squeegee... maybe all at once! (no no we are kidding, but you get the picture)
  • Not be squeamish about dirt, puke, drool, saliva, diarrhoea, skin conditions, fur stickin onto every part of you, paw marks, scratches, picking up poo, putting out the trash
  • Be willing to give the doggies a bath and brush them out
  • Be ready to break up dog fights (I'll teach you how!)
  • Be available over typical holidays, like June or December, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Labor Day... as these are the busiest times for doggie stay-ins.
If you think you are this special person (wow!), let me know. The position is on a Temporary Part-Time basis unless otherwise mentioned. Renumeration is on a per-hourly basis, with bonuses paid for full completion of the stated duration.

We welcome entusiastic students on holiday breaks (yes you the poly/university student!)

Do email me with your details at themilkbone@gmail.com

Please state your experiences with animals (previous work colleagues not necessary :P) and the duration for which you will be available: include to and from dates as well as timing for your work duties.

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Why Board at MIBO?

- Cage-free environment with separate areas for different personalities and temperaments.
- There's always someone at home.
- Dogs are able to potty indoors or outdoors, with no restrictions or penalties
- Rates quoted are by general breed size, not weight. So there's no worry if you have a slightly more indulgent cocker spaniel. He/She is still a cocker spaniel in our eyes :)
- Rates quoted are all inclusive with no charges for the following:

> Daily walks
> Food and all bowls provided. Complimentary preparation for Home Cooked Food. BARF diets welcome.
> Administration of medications or applications of topical preparations.
> Treatment spray for fleas and ticks with Accurate when checking in.
> Baths before checking out.
> No holiday surcharges, except across Chinese New Year.
> SMS or email updates when requested