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Monday, September 17, 2007

Asta & Lex

Also affectionaltely known as "The Boys". These 2 brothers are quite different in personality when it comes to being indoors and outdoors.

When Lex is indoors, he's the perfect good boy. Doesn't bark, waits patiently for his food, plays well with others and by himself too. If you give him attention, he's willing to receive. If not, it's ok.

But when Lex is outdoors, he cannot even hear his name. He's always on the lookout for birds, squirrels, river taxis, lorries, etc... basically anything that can be chased.

Asta, on the other hand, is as cheeky and stubborn as they come! He's a Scottish terrier with the grin that shows off his pearly whites. Indoors, he loves to play with toys - rubber balls are his favorite! He will toss them and run after them. If they get stuck under the sofa, he will bark till you go get it.
Hey you! Give me my ball!!!

Walks are a killer, for me! This boy just wants to do things his way. If he wants to go left (and me right), he will HALT in his tracks and refuse to move. ALOT of negotiations needed :S

The boys get lots of pixs as i have walked and boarded them... AND they are heading back down under (Australia) where they came from. SOBS! :( I'm going to miss you and all your antics. Many many many hugs. I'm sure Lex will be looking forward to chasing trains.

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